How To Draw A Spanish Flag

Drawing a Spanish Flag can be surprisingly easy! With some creative thought, the right tools, and a few basic steps, you can be a virtual artist in no time.
Start by gathering your supplies. A blank, crisp piece of white paper is all you need. You’ll also need colored pencils or markers in red, yellow, and purple. Now, take a deep breath, visualize the Spanish flag in your mind, and let’s get started!
The best way to kick off your masterpiece is to sketch out a center line on the paper. This will be the edge of the hoist triangle. Afterwards, you can draw the yellow triangle, essentially making a shape that looks like a taxi cab with the top off it.
When it comes to coloring your flag, you’ll want to start with red. Fill in the hoist triangle with the most vivid red you can find. You may need a few coats, as red tends to show less easily than other colors.
Continue with the yellow triangle. Again, a few coats may be necessary. Finally, draw in purple stripes – five in total – with the bottom stripe coming to a point close to the center line you created earlier. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – you can go back and adjust as needed!
Let’s finish off your Spanish flag art by outlining everything with black. Doing this will give it a plan and crisp finish. When that is completed, you can step back and admire your artwork. Congratulations on creating something unique and beautiful!
The design and shape of the Spanish flag may seem intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be replicated. Creating a Spanish flag from scratch will require some focus and a bit of creativity. Stretching the edges of the hoist triangle can make it seem like a difficult task, but a few basic steps and a healthy dose of artistic freedom will bring it all together quickly.
When it comes to adding color, start with the most vivid red you can find. A few layers should do the trick. Follow this up with the yellow triangle, making sure to get enough coverage. Finally, draw the purple stripes one at a time and outline with black. The last step is simply to step back and admire your work of art.
Creating a Spanish flag is an enjoyable project for any artist, regardless of skill level. Whether looking for a new hobby or an exciting way to learn about foreign culture, drawing a flag takes much less time than you might think.
Taking the simple steps of drawing out the shape, filling in the colors, and outlining with black will bring together a beautiful recreation of the Spanish flag. Best of all, the only thing you’ll need is some paper, colored pencils, and a determined attitude. Now, get to work and have fun!

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