How To Draw Abraham Lincoln

Drawing Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln – he’s an American Icon and one of the most respected presidents to ever live. But capturing the iconic features of one of America’s greatest presidents in your own drawing can be a daunting task. From his beard to his eye brows, Lincoln’s features are recognizable all over the world.

However, there are a few easy steps you can take to draw him accurately and add your own unique flair to the drawing. Follow these tips to create an amazing, lifelike portrait of Abraham Lincoln!

1. Start with an Outline

Start by sketching out an outline of Abraham Lincoln’s profile. It’s important to take your time with this step because it serves as the foundation for the entire drawing. Use your pencil lightly to sketch out the outlines of Lincoln’s forehead, eye-brows, eyes, nose and famous beard.

After finishing the outline, erase any lines that don’t fit properly or detract from the main outline. You want the entire sketch to look as even and symmetrical as possible.

2. Draw in the Details

Now it’s time to draw in the details. Start by using dark pencils to draw in Lincoln’s features. Start with the eyes, focusing on drawing in the structure of the pupil and eye brow.

From there, draw in Lincoln’s nose, mouth and chin. Add some extra detailing to the chin and add a few more faint pencil lines to emphasize the facial structure.

Then, finish up with the famous beard. Use your pencil to draw out the distinct curves and lines in Lincoln’s beard. Make sure it looks as accurate as possible and add a few extra shades with a darker pencil to make it more realistic.

3. Final Touches

Now that all the details have been drawn in, it’s time to make the drawing pop! Use a smudging tool, or simply your fingers, to add hidden shadows to the dark parts of the drawing.

Add a gentle shading around the edges of Lincoln’s face to bring out his features and add a few reflections on the eyes for a more lifelike blue.

Lastly, draw in some creases in the forehead and ear to give the portrait added personality.

4. Have Fun!

At first glance, drawing Lincoln may seem intimidating. However, take your time and the results will be worth it. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun. Be creative and mix up the colors, or even switch up the shape of the face/ Beard

Remember, a creative portrait isn’t about perfection. It’s about expressing yourself – and that’s what makes art so beautiful. So don’t be afraid to try out something new!

5. Experiment with Mediums

Drawing isn’t just limited to pencils and paper. You can take your art to the next level by experimenting with different mediums. Try out a little bit of watercolor, acrylic paint or color pencils to give your portrait a unique look.

Alternatively, use digital art software to create a modern look to your Lincoln portrait. No matter what medium you use, make sure it reflects your own creative touch and personal style.

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