How To Draw Adventure Time

Draw Adventure Time in Simple Steps!

Drawing the characters from the popular animated show Adventure Time is a fun, creative process! It doesn’t require loads of special supplies or a ton of skill – just some sharp pencils, a spare surface and your enthusiasm. Within a matter of minutes, you can draw all your favorite characters, such as Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum. Here’s how to do it efficiently:

1. Start with Sketching Outlines

First, grab an eraser-less pencil and begin sketching out the outlines of the character’s body. Make sure you draw accurately, to create the greatest detail possible. Don’t forget to consider general proportions and keep your lines light and tidy.

2. Establish Basic Forms

Once you have your basic line art laid out, establish the general shapes of the character. This will help you distinguish between the details and features of the character you’ll be drawing. For example, when outlining Jake the Dog, make sure to highlight his canine features, like his big ears and floppy tongue.

3.A dd Shadows and Textures

When you’re finished sketching, it’s time to add the additional details and textures. At this stage, you can shade in sections and use subtle curves to give the character a more tangible look. This is when you’ll start to flesh out the character’s distinctive features and make them come to life.

4. Use Color for Finishing Touches

Once your sketches are complete, use color pencils to give them the signature Adventure Time look. You can add basic shades or get more complex, depending on how you want the adventure to pan out! Adding the vibrance of color and texture is the final stage in creating your awesome Adventure Time drawings.

Keep Drawing and Make Your Art Sparkle!

Once you understand the basic principles of drawing an Adventure Time character, you can get creative and have some real fun. Sketch over the existing lines and experiment with bolder color choices to make your art sparkle. In addition, feel free to divert from the established look of the characters and inject your own flair into your artwork.

Get Creative with Backgrounds and Vistas

Don’t limit yourself to just drawing the characters – why not take it one step further and create a mini-adventure for them to explore? Try adding a backdrop to your artwork, like an iconic Land of Ooo mountain, or a mysterious royal castle. The possibilities are endless, and creating a memorable high-quality Adventure Time drawing can be as simple as bringing an old favorite story to life on paper.

Include Different Character Poses

Finally, challenge yourself by including multiple characters in your artwork and playing around with different poses. You can mix and match friends and foes, whilst placing them in the creatively-crafted vista you learned to draw in the previous section. Draw out epic fights between the Ice King and Finn in your very own scene, or create something completely unique!

Take Your Art to the Next Level

Excelling at Adventure Time drawing can take time and practice. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult! There are plenty of tutorials and time-lapse videos available on the internet to help guide you every step of the way. Once you’ve mastered the basics, why not show off your art to the world? Upload your artwork online and see how people respond. After all, your drawings could end up inspiring a new generation of Adventure Time fans!

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