How To Draw Kakashi Sharingan

Kakashi Sharingan is a pinnacle of artistic achievement and one of the most impressive pieces of artwork to have come out of the marvelous world of anime. Drawing Kakashi Sharingan takes practice, patience, and determination, but with a bit of dedication anyone can learn to draw it. Here’s a step by step guide on how to draw Kakashi Sharingan:

Lightly draw an oval which will be Kakashi Sharingan’s face. Using light pencil strokes, draw an oval on the paper. Then draw two circles which form the eye sockets of Kakashi Sharingan. Make sure to draw the eyes slightly slanted so the Sharingan can be seen.

Outline the eyes, mouth and nose. Start by outlining the eyes, mouth and nose. For the eyes, draw three curves around the circumference of the circles to represent the Sharingan. For the mouth, lightly draw an “M” shape. Additionally, lightly sketch a triangle shape beneath the two eyes to signify the Sharingan’s nose.

Draw in the hair. With light strokes, draw in the locks of Kakashi Sharingan’s wavy hair. Pay attention to the detail and make sure each strand has individual lines. Don’t worry about making mistakes or if the strands don’t look quite as perfect as the real Kakashi Sharingan’s hair.

Create depth with shading. Now it’s time to give your Kakashi Sharingan a bit of depth. To do this, use the varying shades of pencils to create shadows and shadows for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Make sure to blend the shading in from a dark to a light shade, making the lightest of them at the edges.

Add finishing touches. Finally, you can add some final touches to Kakashi Sharingan. This can include adding light strokes over the hair to give it more texture and dimension, and adding more shading to the face and eyes to add more depth. Once you are happy with the drawing, erase any remaining pencil marks and marvel at your finished masterpiece.

Drawing Kakashi Sharingan is quite a feat and not for the faint of heart. It takes time, patience and dedication to accomplish, but with the help of this step by step guide anyone can try and get closer to perfection. All that is left is to pick up your pencil and start drawing!

Next steps

Practice, practice, practice! Once you have completed your Kakashi Sharingan drawing, the best way to improve is to practice, practice, practice! Draw Kakashi Sharingan over and over again, focusing on perfecting the details and shading.

Add color. Now comes the fun part – adding color to your masterpiece. Feel free to play around with different colors and experimenting to find the perfect combination.

Mix it up. Once you feel comfortable drawing Kakashi Sharingan, why not switch it up a bit and try drawing other characters from Naruto.

Try other styles. Kakashi Sharingan is just one type of anime style – there are many other styles out there to explore. Don’t be afraid to take a look at some other characters and try your hand at drawing them in a different style.

Perfect your technique. If you want to become a real expert of anime drawings, mastering your technique is key. Invest some time into researching and learning more about anime drawings and how to perfect them.

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